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J. Allen Hynek

J. Allen Hynek was the pioneer of UFO research.  He was one of the heads
of the Air Force's Project Blue Book.  At first Hynek was a skeptic but
when he was asked to be one of the advisors on the Blue Book staff he 
quickly changed his mind.  The reason the Air Force chose him is because
of his background in aviation and astronomy.  After Blue had been 
terminated he wrote a book called The UFO Experiance.  It talked
about his days with Project Blue Book.  His book quickly became the
most famous UFO book ever.  After that he created the organization
CUFOS(Center For UFO Studies).  CUFOS was a place people could call
and report UFO's.  If there were an extensive amount of sightings in
one area, they would send out a field investigator, to document the
report.  CUFOS is still around today and better than ever.  

NICAP,  NICAP(National Investigations Comitee on Aerial Phonomena) is
an organization very similar to CUFOS.  NICAP also sends out field
investigators to investigate UFO sightings.  NICAP was founded by 
Major Donald E. Keyhoe.  He wrote a book in 1955 called The UFO
Conpriracy.  I landed on the best seller list at that time.