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The UFO Controversy

The UFO controversy has always been stugguled for respectablity.
Back in the early 1900's a man named Kenneth Arnold claimed to
have seen a flying saucer.  The media of course made him out to 
be a fool.  He proceeded to wright a book called the Truth about
UFO's, the book made it to the best seller list, but not for the
wright reasons.  That same year all the cheese UFO movies came
out.  When that article came out the UFO sightings increased more
than ever before.  In the sixties Projct Blue Book was the case.
Project Blue Book was the Air Force's project to see if UFO's
created a threat to national security.  You can read more about 
that on the third page.  

Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities(EBE's)

EBE's are the name givin to extraterrestials bodies that have been
recovered from a crash or found anywhere.  EBB's became famous in
the X-files episode "EBE".  An EBE can be dead or alive just as long
as it is not made out of synthetic material and put on a cheesy
film and made out to be the real thing.

Grays, A gray is also a name for an exraterestrial.  It is the name
fro the so-called alien civilzation elsewhere.  They became famous
when people started to claim they have been abducted by aliens.
They described them as short, grey, and with large ocular cavities.

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