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The Very Large Array

This is a picture of the VLA or Very large Array. They are called radio telescopes and they are located in Socorro, NM. They consist of 27 antenas and their area takes up about half the size as Washington D.C. Here is a picture of the VLA

The VLA (continued)

The VLA used to be the main facilty for the project called SETI or Search for Extraterestrial Intelgence until it was terminated because of funding. Now there are only a few nickle and dime SETI projects around, one is at Ohio State, NASA runs their project out of The Goldstone Radio telescope in California, and Harvard has their own.

Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book, Project Blue Book was the Air Forces project on the 50's and 60's to find out if UFO's were a threat to National Security. First of all I thought that was a crock bacause I know the air force had a least one UFO from Roswell. I think that Project Blue Book was a coverup to get the peoples minds off of the Roswell incident. I think the same thing for the SETI project, why would the government need t fund this project when they already knew that EBE's (extraterestrial biological entities) existed. More the less Project Blue Book concluded that UFO's were not a threat to National Security. Well of course they did they had already made contact with alien life. The Project Blue Book chronicles are still pretty interesting because some of them were wrote by Mr. J. Allen Hynek. He was the leading Ufologist a the time.