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HucklebarryGun's UFO Page

             "When you have eliminated the impossible, what 
              remains however improbable, must be the truth"
                                         -Sherlock Holmes

  This homepage is dedicated to the preservation of the
  CAUS(Citizens against UFO Secrecy). This field of inquiry
  has always struggled for respectabillity. As you read the 
  documents on this site, read it with an open mind because
  it will help you better understand the UFO field.


  HucklebarryGun is kind of pseudonym for a mysterious man
  named Doc Holliday and the Lone Gunmen from the X- Files.

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Area 51//Military Facility, Social Phonomenon and State of Mind

In the field of UFO's there is a billion things you can 
study like for instance Area 51, Roswell, Gulf Breeze,
The San Luis Valley, Nellis AFB, Wright Patterson AFB,
Edwards AFB, all have a significance in the UFO world.
Here are some of my summaries about some of them.

Area 51, also known as Groom Lake is a secret military 
facilty about 90 miles NW of Las Vegas. The number refers 
to a 6 by 10 mile block of land at the center of which is
a large air base the government will not discuss. The site
was selected in the mid 50s for the testing of the U-2
Spyplane, due to its remoteness.  Area 51 also became just
the biggest UFO hotspot since Roswell.

Roswell, New Mexico, Roswell is probably the biggest UFO
buff hotspot in the world. On July 2,1947 on a cattle 
ranch about 30 miles NW of Roswell a rancher found some
mysterious debris from an unknown origin. He notified the
proper authorities which was then taken over by the military.
Since the military had taken over the project no one could
get even close to the crash site. So then the rumors started
flying about a UFO crash and recovered alien bodies.

Nellis AFB, Nellis AFB is also one of the biggest UFO 
hotspots in the world, probably because it's close
proximity to Area 51. Nellis AFB and Area 51 are part of
and area called the Nellis range which includes Nellis AFB,
Nellis bombing range, Tonopah test range, is where the F-117
was tested, and Area 51.

Wright Patterson AFB, WPAFB is the home of the Air Force
Museum, but it is also said to be the home of the alien
bodies found at the Roswell incident.  WPAFB is also the
head of the Air Force's Material Command.

U.S. Air Force Installation