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The Black Mailbox(a religious site for the True believers where many UFO sightings have been reported

The mailbox seams very mysterious, although it only recieves ordinary
mail for the Medlin Ranch.  For years the black mailbox has been a 
mecca for UFO buffs.  It is a prime location to see a UFO because it
is only a couple of miles from Groom lake(Area 51).  It has been 
popular belief that the best time to look for UFO's around the mailbox
is on Wednesday nights or very early on Thursday mornings.  The Black 
mailbox is only a couple of miles from the Area 51 Research Center.
This information was taken from the Area 51 Viewers Guide, written
by Glenn Campbell, founder of the Area 51 Research Center and the 
webmaster for ufomind.

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U.S. Air Force Installation

"...a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" -Winston Churchill