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Maj. Jesse Marcel

Jesse Marcel, Jr., who saw Roswell saucer debris that his father, Roswell Army Air Corps Base officer retrieved from the UFO crash site, made a further startling revelation during an address in Helena, MT on April 13, 1995. He told of in 1991 getting a call from Dick D'Amato, National and International Security Specialist for Senator Harry Byrd of the Senate Inteliligence Committee, inviting Jesse Marcel Jr. to Washington for an interview. However, Dick D'Amato identified himself as "from the National Security Council" (NSC). D'Amato invited Jesse to the Capitol, and then insisted that they meet in a "secure room". Jesse protested that he wasn't going to say anything he hadn't said before, but Dick D'Amato still insisted, saying "I might say something to you." He did. D'Amato acknowledged to Jesse that there was a crash and aliens were aboard, the first time Jesse Jr. had ever heard anyone in the government acknowledge the crash. D';Amato also wanted Jesse to describe everything that he saw *and felt* that evening (shown the crash debris by his father in July, 1947). D'Amato also wanted to know how the knowledge of the existence of aliens has affected him personally since the night he saw the debris. Jesse Jr. told him that it had affected him profoundly, knowing that we are not alone in the universe, and that he has become interested in cosmology. When Jesse asked D'Amato, "Where do you think the wreckage is?", D'Amato replied "We don't know." [The National Security Council doesn't know where the Roswell saucer is hidden!!!] According to D'Amato, he felt that the information should be released. But an incredibly powerful "black arm" of the government *has been keeping it a secret, and enormous sums of money are being spent _illegally_.* The NSC *is trying to find out _who these people are_ and *why* they are keeping it secret.* There you have it, from Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., for public attribution.

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