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This page will tell you all 
you want to know about the 
United States Air Force
Planes.  At the bottom of this
page there will be links to some
major USAF installations and 
some pictures of the Air Force's
top planes

USAF Links

United States Air Force home page: Lots of pictures and info about the USAF
Janes Defense Weekly Home Page: Everthing from Ships to the F-117


F-15: Afterburners on
F-15: Aerial View
F-15's: in formation
F-15: weapons view
F-16: Arizona ANG
Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds over Las Vegas
F-16: F-16C over Nellis bombing range
USN F-16: Navy F-16 Cockpit,, Tuop Gun avdvesary
F-16 Cockpit: Inside an F-16C Cockpit
USAF Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds over Nellis