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Apology is Policy

Here is my X-Files video 
collection,if you find
a video that you just
have to have email me at 
the bottom of this page.

At the left of this paragraph are 
some of the X-files videos I have
for sale.  Do not go to the proper
authorities if you here about this
sale because I can get into big
copyright trouble.  I am doing
this because I do not know 
anywhere that sells all of these
shows for a low price.  I am here
for the good of an X Phile state
of mind.     MFLuder

HucklebarryGun's X-Files Collection

1.Pilot                     25.Die hand Die Verletzt       48.Quagmire
2.Deep Throat               26.Colony                      49.Wetwired
3.Sqeeze                    27.End Game                    50.Talitha Cumi
4.Conduit                   28.Dod Kalm
5.Ghost in the Machine      29.Humbug
6.Ice                       30.F. Emasculata
7.Fallen Angel              31.Soft Light
8.Eve                       32.Our Town
9.Beyond the Sea            33.Anasazi                    
10.Genderbender             34.Paper Clip                   
11.E.B.E.                   35.D.P.O.                          
12.Darkness Falls           36.Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
13.Tooms                    37.The List
14.Born Again               38.Obliette
15.The Erlenmeyer Flask     39.War of the Coprohages
16.Little Green Men         40.Syzygy
17.The Host                 41.Grotesque
18.Blood                    42.Piper Maru
19.Sleepless                43.Apocrypha
20.Duane Barry              44.Pusher
21.Ascension                45.Teso Dos Bichos
22.One Breath               46.Hell Money
23.Firewalker               47.Jose Chung's From Outer Space
24.Irresistible             48.Avatar

Contact me and we will deal X-Files Videos

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